Koray Üstün Kaptan

Meet Your Captain!

Our captain Mr. Koray USTUN was born in 1988 in Izmir. Captain Koray, who came across his first fish at the age of 7 and continued to hunt with spin and jigging methods until he was 12 in his tiny boat. This hobby soon became his life’s passion and profession.

Koray, who became a well-known fisherman with the 14.5 kg giant Red Dnapper fish he caught in the Izmir region (which was an unseen weight for that particular species in the region), has become one of the first names that come to mind in the region, especially in deep sea red species fishing. By developing new and unique techniques to every outing at sea, he has succeeded to be on podium 3 years in a row and is regarded as one of the most accomplished anglers in the Izmir – Turkey Agean Sea region.

Captain Koray USTUN, who has been organizing Professional Fishing Tours for about 10 years, has returned to his family, originally from Fethiye, for the last three years and continues to offer his guests the best Fethiye Fishing experience since 2019 under the Game of Fishing brand he founded.

"There is no fish species that I haven't caught in Fethiye so far. Hearing from everyone that I am successful in this makes me even more ambitious. I invite you to experience this pleasure together..."